BASIC BEET YOGURT (BEET RAITA)Beet can color anything with its own deep purple or pink-red color. Make this basic beet yogurt (beet raita) from and add to a colorful and nutritious cuisine.

Serves: 2 Cooking Time: ~20 minutes



1 medium beet (diced)

¼ cup water

1 cup yogurt / curd (whisked)

¼ tsp salt


Take a microwave bowl and place the diced beet with water in the bowl. Now microwave this for ~4-6 minutes or until the beet is tender. Allow the beet to cool.

Add the beet to yogurt and salt to taste. Enjoy the healthy basic beet yogurt!

Suggested Food Pairing: Use this as a side dish with main course.

Tips: You can also steam boil the beet for the yogurt. Take the beet in a bowl with a lid that can go into pressure cooker, with water on the side of the bowl. Add little more water in the pressure cooker than as mentioned above. Now close the pressure cooker and place it on the oven top on medium heat. The steamed beet would be ready in one whistle from the cooker! Let the pressure be released of the cooker before you open it. After you open the pressure cooker allow the beet to cool.


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