Welcome to VegRasoi.com. The website is dedicated to vegetarian cooking recipes from India and around the world. A quest to cook fresh and eat healthy! Enjoy numerous simple, quick and delicious vegetarian recipes in your “Rasoi” - which means kitchen in Hindi, the national language of India.

"VegRasoi" or "Vegetarian Kitchen" is a guide to make cooking a more pleasant experience for you! The site includes recipes organized by meal type, cooking time and major ingredient - some traditional and some original... but all tried recipes!

The idea of VegRasoi.com originated when my husband and I were chatting over lunch one day about doing something good with my recipe pile; my husband suggested that I make a website from the treasure trove of my experiences and research in cooking all these years. I started to learn cooking at a very early age either by observing or asking my mother and sisters and after marriage my mother-in-law. For last few years I have been experimenting a lot in the kitchen to adapt my cooking to balance the need of – available time, local ingredients at places we lived and healthy eating. Thank you for visiting VegRasoi.com and let us share the knowledge!