SPROUTED GRAINS (ANKURIT MUNG CHANA)Know this – sprouts are more nutritious then the original beans and require much less cooking time! Use Sprouted Grains (ankurit mung chana) recipe from VegRasoi.com to make sprouted grains saute, yogurt, curry or salad.

Serves: 3-4 Cooking Time: ~1-2 days



1 cup green or red grams (mung beans) or chickpeas (chana)

4 cups water


First of all soak the grams or chickpeas in water for ~6-8 hours. Drain the water and let the grams or chickpeas rest for a day or two in a closed container until you see the sprouts. Watch in between, if the grams or chickpeas are too dry run them through water and let it rest in the container once again until you see the sprout desired. You can store the sprouted grains in refrigerator for ~3-4 days and use this in a variety of recipes below.

In winter or cold regions soak the green grams or chickpeas in warm water. Additionally place the grams or chickpeas in warm place or pot for quick sprouts. In warm weather or hot regions the grams may sprout in ~3-4 hours to one day. Keep an eye on your grams or chickpeas to sprout well!

Tips: You can make sprout grains sautesprout grains curry, sprout grains yogurt or use this in salad!


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